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Tax Mentorship Program

Having a Mentor is one of the smartest things you can do to jump-start your career.

SJ Accounting Mentorship Program provides the tools and education to make sure you are able to present your tax client the best possible course forward!

With over 10 years of tax and business startup experience, SJ Accounting can answer almost all of your questions and help you succeed in your career.


Our Exclusive Mentorship Program provides you the information and tools you need to become a successful Tax Professional:

  • Income Tax Course

  • EFIN and PFIN Assistance

  • EIN Setup

  • State Registration

  • Software Training

Things you don't need:

  • Don't need to be a CPA

  • Don't need to know accounting or high level math

  • Don't need a college degree

  • Don't need prior tax knowledge

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  • Client Attraction Advice

  • Partnership Agreement

  • Secure Software Setup

  • One on One Guidance

  • FREE Startup Business Cards

SJ Accounting Mentorship Program is only $749!

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