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Teen Financial Literacy

If you are looking to get the facts of life in an interactive, fun, and exciting setting, then this workshop is for you. Let's work together to build Teen Financial Literacy. Set your children up for a successful future. 

Join us virtually May 7th, 2022  at 11am - 12pm.

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Working with Financial Documents

Workshops Offered

Basic Tax

This course is an exceptional first step for individuals to learn a new skill— and earn income!

Learning how to budget is a key fundamental skill to managing your financial life. Gain control over the financial impact of your choices! Learn to plan and manage your personal finances. Create and use a budget to prepare for your financial future.


Empower the individual, family, and small business financially to put them in a position to win with money. We will provide a platform for honest conversation and dialogue that surrounds best practices when it comes to being financially intelligent when it comes to saving, investing, and spending money. We encourage our attendees to think differently about money. During this seminar, you will also learn techniques to help cope with stress when paying bills becomes overwhelming.


Part I​

Get your credit weight up with this two-part course! Part I gives you tools to help you better understand your credit, the credit scoring system, and how to guard against credit reporting errors and identity theft.

Part II

Managing credit can be more complicated than it may seem. Part II gives tips on how to balance your credit and debt. 

Personal Finance and Budgeting Health

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